About Us

Timap for Justice was established in 2003 with support from the National Forum for Human Rights and the Open Society Justice Initiative.  Our mission is to promote a common conception of human rights within Sierra Leone by providing access to basic justice services, empowering communities, and utilizing our experience to create social and legal impact.

Timap directly addresses two key issues cited in Sierra Leone’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Final Report: the maladministration of justice and the distance between the people and their government.  Formal courts are scarce, time-consuming, and difficult to navigate for many Sierra Leoneans. Yet the chiefs, mammy queens, and other traditional leaders who adjudicate most conflicts in rural areas often charge excessive fines and make arbitrary and biased rulings, especially against women and other vulnerable groups.  In order to confront these challenges, Timap engages and collaborates with local communities, traditional authorities, and government institutions.

Timap has expanded its operations in several stages over the past ten years, and is continuously responding to the changing landscape of the Sierra Leonean legal system. The scale-up of justice services announced by the Government of Sierra Leone with the passing of the Legal Aid Act in 2012 endorsed Timap’s community-based approach.  Timap looks forward to seeing how the new changes lead to our further evolution.

Timap for Justice programs have succeeded in achieving solutions to thousands of justice problems of poor Sierra Leoneans. We have been recognized by independent parties including the World Bank, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and the International Crisis Group for developing a creative, effective methodology for providing justice services in the difficult and complex context of rural Sierra Leone.