Our Philosophy

Clients first. Our greatest duty is to the communities and individuals with whom we work. We must treat them with respect and solidarity.

Working as a team. In addition to our clients, we have a responsibility to support each other in our collective mission. It is important for us to communicate clearly and respectfully, to build each other’s capacity, and to maintain an atmosphere of teamwork.

Solving justice problems. The aim of our work is to help people achieve concrete, practical solutions to their justice problems. We must be creative and perseverant in pursuit of this aim.

Empowerment. We aspire to treat the people with whom we work as social agents rather than as merely victims requiring a service. Our interventions should raise our clients’ knowledge, capacity, and confidence to stand up for themselves and to solve justice problems on their own whenever possible.

Take initiative. Each one of us owns this program, and each one of us has unique insight into a particular piece of its overall operation. We encourage all staff to take initiative and to work proactively to shape and grow Timap into the best organization it can be.

Rigor and discipline. We owe it to our clients and to ourselves to be well-organized and to work in a timely, rigorous, professional manner. We also need to be open to criticism and feedback.

Transparent, responsible, cost-effective use of resources. The funding we have has been generously entrusted to us to fulfill an important mission. We must use it wisely and responsibly.

Confidentiality. We are required to respect the privacy of our clients and do not divulge information of our clients to the public. We are to use the information for the purpose of solving their problems. Where we wish to make use of such information other than for our internal purposes, the consent of the client is required.