Helping women

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A core component of Timap for Justice’s services focuses on ending impunity around sexual and gender-based violence in Sierra Leone, and promoting women and girls’ access to fair and timely justice. It is well documented that sexual violence was a widely used tactic during Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war by various warring parties. Sadly, this remains a challenge in Sierra Leone today, reinforcing other forms of violence against women and broader issues of gender inequality.  In addition to sexual and gender-based violence, common cases include women’s land rights, inheritance, breach of contract, and debt recovery.

Timap combines legal aid, specialised care and support, and community education in its approach to gender-related justice challenges in Sierra Leone.  For sexual and gender-based violence cases, Timap offers legal advice, assistance, and representation to all survivors. Timap’s relationship with relevant institutions provides victims with specialised medical care, counselling and safe homes.  Additionally, we have developed tools for assessing survivors’ risk in order to prevent the recurrence of abuse.

Our Emergency Survivor Fund provides financial support to victims of sexual and gender-based violence who are willing to pursue a legal remedy but are constrained by costs.  It assists with expenses such as transportation for medical examinations and court dates. We have found this to be an effective strategy in increasing the rate of prosecutions. Follow these links to learn more or donate to the fund.