Helping children

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Since 2009, a fifth of all cases admitted by Timap involved children, either as victims of a wide range of abuse, including sexual and domestic violence, early marriage, neglect, child labour, and harmful traditional practices; or as offenders themselves. As offenders, children have been detained together with adults, in a significant number of occasions, for offences including larceny, assault and loitering.

Dealing with child victims and offenders is a tasking and delicate process that requires special skills and training. Timap paralegals are rigorously trained and supervised in the application of the relevant laws and procedures relating to the protection of children’s rights in Sierra Leone.  As a result, Timap has developed an expertise in handling cases related to children within the challenging context of Sierra Leone’s legal system.

In addition to providing legal advice, assistance and representation to children, Timap cooperates with specialised child protection organisations, to develop policies and laws that impact the promotion of child rights issues in local communities and at the national level.