Monitoring and Evaluation

Timap’s decade-long experience in the provision of community-based justice services has equipped the organization with an efficient, low-cost infrastructure for monitoring and evaluating paralegals’ activities.  Timap’s M&E system utilizes field-tested and globally recognized standards and tools for evaluation such as Timap’s intake and report forms, a detailed archive of case files and a structure for the systematic monitoring of office activities.

Paralegals are held to the highest standards in terms of efficiency, organizational capability and performance through a comprehensive, three-pronged approach:

  1. Six Lead paralegals provide crucial feedback on the work of the paralegals through a combination of record checking, direct observation and independent verification.
  2. Evaluation interviews are submitted to clients, third-party individuals and institutions; the collected results are used to monitor the paralegals’ performance.
  3. Executive visits reinforce the cohesiveness of the organization by overcoming the distance between paralegals and management.

Timap’s commitment to continued innovation has recently led to the development of a brand-new, state-of-the-art mobile tracking database with built-in analysis tools tailored to Timap’s needs through the tireless works of developers at Fluidsurveys. Visit the data section to learn more and see what’s new!