Transparency International cites Timap’s work

Transparency International (TI), a Berlin-based anti-corruption organization, has cited Timap for Justice in its Global Corruption Report 2007. TI’s report features an article by Stephen Golub of Boalt Hall Law School (University of California at Berkeley) which explores the role of non-governmental organizations in fighting corruption where formal courts are lacking. Golub discusses examples of Timap’s work and how Timap’s paralegals engage Sierra Leone’s customary and formal legal systems to resolve clients’ problems.

Global Corruption Report 2007 is available at TI’s website. According to TI, “The Global Corruption Report offers an annual, systematic analysis of corruption, reporting on the state of corruption around the globe. The Global Corruption Report 2007 focuses on corruption in judicial systems and includes recommendations for practitioners, actors in the judiciary and civil society, on how to fight corruption in the sector.”