Our amazing staff, while powerful, is still only about 60 people strong. Our ambitions are audacious and ever expanding, but the scale of our paid workforce can’t match the scale of our ambitions. So instead of scaling back and turning people away from the justice they deserve, we ask for you to volunteer your time and skills to increase our impact and help us reach our goals. Time and distance are not an issue for us, we only seek passion, purpose, and dedication. Below is an outline of potential ways to volunteer with us. Please contact us! We’d love to discuss how you can help.

Serve on site in Sierra Leone

This could include:

  • Provide support for strategic litigation as a pro bono partner (check out our Timap Litigation Corps or email us at litigationcorps@timapforjustice.org)
  • Advocate before the government on issues related to our work, such as women’s rights.
  • Lead a training in your area of expertise

Support the cause from abroad

This could include:

  • Throwing a fundraiser
  • Providing research
  • Donating specialized services (e.g. financial management package)
  • Writing an op-ed or a blog post about our work
  • Media placements

For more information please contact us at info@timapforjustice.org