Timap for Justice is seeking students who are energetic, creative, interested in grassroots social justice work, and willing to live simply while learning about a West African culture. Interns will be based in either a rural paralegal office in the provinces or in the Freetown headquarters office. Immersed in the communities, interns will directly and intimately impact the lives of the people they are helping to serve.

During the internship, Timap interns will:

  • Work side-by-side in the field with experienced paralegals
  • Learn a multidisciplinary approach to promoting the rule of law, expanding access to legal services and redressing wrongs in a transitional economy
  • Collaborate with paralegals on strategies to strengthen Timap’s effectiveness
  • Assist with paralegal trainings, gaining insight into the country’s regional diversity and how such diversity impacts the work of the paralegals


  • Applicants should be currently enrolled as either JD candidates or graduate level students in the areas of peace and conflict studies, international development, international relations, economics or another related field.  Exceptional undergraduate students will be considered.
  • Previous overseas work experience, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, is preferred
  • A passion for social justice, service, and engaging with different cultures
  • Knowledge and experience in media, marketing, or information technology
  • A genuine desire to exchange skills and expertise with Timap’s paralegals and staff members

Interns should plan to spend at least 10 weeks working with us and will need to secure funding to cover their transportation and living costs.  Applicants must submit a resume, cover letter, and brief proposal no later than January 31stDownload application information here. 

Join the Family:

Here at Timap we value family. Our clients are more than just case numbers, they are community members, friends, siblings, neighbors, parents and family. Staff members receive much more than a paycheck – they join a network of passionate and caring individuals who support each other through the hard times and celebrate each other’s victories. The same holds true for interns and this is why so many interns continue to participate in Timap’s efforts long after they’ve returned home or embarked on their professional career. We’re a tight-knit community and a valuable resource for one another!

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