From stationery material to rain gear, Timap paralegals lack basic items that are crucial to their work.

As you can see by perusing our ‘Account of Core activity’ report, transportation costs are the single most burdensome expense the paralegals incur. Other recurring expenses include stationery material and resources to cover our Emergency Survivor Fund. By donating to Timap, you will contribute to providing the paralegals with items such as:

  • motorcycle fuel
  • bike/car fare
  • stationery material
  • Emergency Survivor Fund funds

In order to carry out their activities efficiently and safely, however, the paralegals need more than funds to cover recurring expenses. Much needed items include:

  • rain gear (including jackets, pants, gloves, boots)
  • helmets (all sizes)
  • motorcycles and spare parts
  • laptops or tablets

The easiest way to allow Timap paralegals to purchase these items is to donate money. However, if you have any of the items above and are willing to donate it to Timap, contact us at or on Facebook.

You can make donations to Timap-USA with PayPal:

Or by mailing a check to:
Timap for Justice – USA
675 Sterling Place
Suite 3R
New York, NY 11216

Timap for Justice is registered as a non-profit company limited by guarantee in Sierra Leone. Timap’s mission of providing free justice services to poor Sierra Leoneans depends on the generous support of development agencies, foundations, private individuals, and the Sierra Leonean diaspora.

Timap for Justice, Inc. (“Timap-USA”) is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the state of Delaware, USA. Timap-USA is dedicated to supporting Timap’s efforts in Sierra Leone by providing logistical and fundraising support while striving to foster connections between Timap, the American public interest bar, and the Sierra Leone diaspora.

You will receive a receipt indicating Timap’s 501(c)(3) status.