About our data

Timap strives to be a model of transparency and accountability for NGOs around the world. For this reason, we  publicly display our data and make it available for users to download.

The data currently displayed has been collected since September 2013 but the project is ongoing. Our goal is to digitalize and display Timap’s data since the founding of Timap in 2003. We are working daily to achieve this goal but we are facing funding and capacity constraints. Help us by donating resources and expertise!

Please note that for privacy, clarity and readability reasons, the data has been modified. We therefore recommend that researchers and organizations interested in using our data  for analysis or evaluation purposes contact Timap to learn more about when and where such modifications occurred.

Before browsing our data, you should know that:

The data section is organized in 9 categories

  1. Client Consent
  2. Demographics
  3. Cooperation with Authorities
  4. Core Activities
  5. Mediation Activities
  6. Women’s Rights
  7. Criminal Justice Activities
  8. Children’s Rights
  9. Community Engagement

Each category includes a number of reports that varies depending on the category. An explanation of each report is provided at the beginning of each category-page and also at the beginning of each report-page. You may access and navigate the data pages and the report pages from the drop down menu (top).

Some reports allow you to select a Period. When this is the case, you may click on “Filter” on the top right side of the report to select a specific period. If no filter is applied, or when no filter is available, the report displays all the data we have collected so far.