We at Timap hope to accomplish two goals with this website:

First, put Timap’s data gathering efforts to fruition. Timap paralegals painstakingly collect information about their activities and cases; they have done so since the founding of Timap in 2003. However, as long as it remained in paper format, the data collected by the paralegals was burdensome to transport, exposed to the elements and, most of all, extremely hard to mine. As a result, monitoring the activities of the paralegals and evaluating the impact of the organization as a whole remained beyond Timap’s capacity and resources.

Second, make Timap’s data available to third parties – particularly, researchers, donors and other NGOs. Timap is setting a high bar in terms of transparency and accountability for NGOs around the world. Timap trusts that other organizations will follow its lead, and researchers and donors will respond favorably to Timap’s efforts.

We are thrilled to launch this project, which allowed us to built capacity and extend our circle of friends, volunteers and partners around the world. Among them, Federica Carugati designed the website and built the database in collaboration with developers at FluidSurveys. Giulio Benassi designed and developed the website. Ellie Frazier edited and provided feedback on the beta version. Matthew Muspratt and other members of Timap USA provided technical support. Photo credits include Aaswath Raman, Michael Lindenberger and Sarina Beges.